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Feminism In Frankenstein essays

Feminism In Frankenstein essays When reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, one cannot help but notice that the women characters seem to have little substance compared to the male characters. This may have been caused by the time period in which she wrote: one in which females was considered to be inferior to males. There are many factors in this novel which contribute to the portrayal of feminism. The three points which contribute greatly are, the female characters are there only to reflect the male characters, women are seen as possessions for men to protect, and finally women in the novel are portrayed as stereotypical women in that time period. Mary Shelleys novel portrays feminist qualities, and is a feminist novel. Firstly, the female characters in the novel are there only to reflect the male characters. To start, in the novel itself, no women speak directly. The book has three basic narrators: Robert Walton, Victor Frankenstein, and Frankenstein's monster. The female characters are very weak in this novel, especially Elizabeth, Victor's cousin/fianc. She is portrayed as the perfect woman, especially after Victor's mother, Caroline dies. She takes the place of the mother figure in the household. Secondly, just like all the female characters in the story, Elizabeths character has little substance. Victor's character is described in detail, as is that of the monster, and Henry Clerval. When Henry gets killed, sympathy is really felt toward Victor, because he has just lost his lifetime friend. When Elizabeth is murdered, the reader finds it hard to connect with what Frankenstein is feeling. Elizabeth (and the other main female characters: Justine and Caroline) are there to reflect the men charac ters. Lastly, women function not in their own right but somewhat of a passage for men's relations with other men. This is especially clear when the monster kills Elizabeth on their wedding night. The monster is upset with Victor, so instead of hurting ...

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Conjugating the German Verb Sehen, Meaning to See

Conjugating the German Verb Sehen, Meaning to See The German verb sehen means to see. It is one of the most-common words you may see in German text, ranking around 270 in one automated study. Sehen is an irregular or strong verb. This means it doesnt follow a strict rule for conjugation. In order to conjugate it correctly, you will need to study its different tenses and resort to memorizing them. Stem-Changing Verbs The verb sehen is both a stem-changing verb and an irregular (strong) verb. Notice the change from e to ie in the du and er/sie/es present tense forms. The past participle is gesehen. All of these irregularities can trip you up in reading and writing uses of sehen. Sehen - Present Tense -  Prsens Deutsch English Singular Present Tense ich sehe I see/am seeing du siehst you see/are seeing er siehtsie siehtes sieht he sees/is seeingshe sees/is seeingit sees/is seeing Plural Present Tense wir sehen we see/are seeing ihr seht you (guys) see/are seeing sie sehen they see/are seeing Sie sehen you see/are seeing Examples Using Present Tense for Sehen Wann sehen wir euch?When will we be seeing you (guys)? Er sieht uns.He sees us. Sehen - Simple Past Tense -   Imperfekt Deutsch English Singular Simple Past Tense ich sah I saw du sahst you saw er sahsie sahes sah he sawshe sawit saw Plural Simple Past Tense wir sahen we saw ihr saht you (guys) saw sie sahen they saw Sie sahen you saw Sehen -  Compound Past Tense (Present Perfect) -  Perfekt Deutsch English Singular Compound Past Tense ich habe gesehen I saw/have seen du hast gesehen you saw/have seen er hat gesehensie hat gesehenes hat gesehen he saw/has seenshe saw/has seenit saw/has seen Plural Compound Past Tense wir haben gesehen we saw/have seen ihr habt gesehen you (guys) sawhave seen sie haben gesehen they saw/have seen Sie haben gesehen you saw/have seen Sehen - Past Perfect Tense -   Plusquamperfekt Deutsch English Singular Past Perfect Tense ich hatte gesehen I had seen du hattest gesehen you had seen er hatte gesehensie hatte gesehenes hatte gesehen he had seenshe had seenit had seen Plural Past Perfect Tense wir hatten gesehen we had seen ihr hattet gesehen you (guys) had seen sie hatten gesehen they had seen Sie hatten gesehen you had seen Future Tenses for Sehen German often substitutes the present tense for the future. The example with  sehen  is Wir  sehen  uns morgen, translating as Well see you tomorrow. The basic future tense would conjugate werden (will) and add sehen. Examples; ich werde  sehen  - I will see, du wirst sehen  - you will see, wir  werden spielen  - we will play. The future perfect tense is somewhat rare in German. It uses a conjugated form of werden and then places haben or sein at the end of the sentence. For example, ich werde gesehen  haben  - I will have seen. Commands Using Sehen sehe!  see!sehen Sie!  see! Other Uses of Sehen Sie sieht nicht gut.  She doesnt see well.Wo hast du ihn gesehen?  Where did you see him?

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The Value of Money Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Value of Money - Essay Example Compound interest is different from the simple interest on the grounds that it takes into account the accumulated interest that has to be paid over the years and the principle for compound interest assumes that interest should also be paid on the accumulated interest. Compounding can be done annually, semi-annually or quarterly depending upon the circumstances. Using compounding interest method, there are gigantic changes in the amount of interest that is received. The amount of interest gained, when comparing the gains from the compound interest method to the simple interest, magnifies to an enormous extent. When calculating future value transactions, the value increases by a greater extent. The concept of time value of money can be termed as the foundation of the field of finance. This concept talks about the increase in the value of money with the passage of time; Which means that the dollar that you hold in your hand right now, is worth more than it will be worth in the future, the reason being that you can conveniently invest it somewhere and earn additional money over that dollar. Another important concept that the time value of money put forward is, that the future value of the principal amount and the interest collected over a period of time can be summarized into a value today; just like you can calculate the value to which a certain amount of money today will convert into on a future date. Mortgage loans are Mortgage loans are an example of the proper application of the time value of money; reasons being the loans are given by deciding the series of future payments that are to be paid to the lender for a house that is bought. More interest is paid in the beginning because the procedure follows compounding interest method. In this case, with each payment, as the principle amount to be returned decreases, the interest that has to be paid on it decreases too. The terms that are being used to give off the loan are of immense importance; more terms mean more compounding of the loan, resulting in extra payment of interest. This law holds true for varying interest rates as well. As the terms are increased, consequently the interest rates increase too. There is a multiple effect on the payments of interest when both the factors increase. Bond Prices and Interest Rates At a glance, one would feel that there should be a direct relationship between the interest rates and bond prices. However, there exists a negative relationship between the two and this seems highly inappropriate. Bonds actually pay a certain amount of money over a period of time till the bond matures (Ken, 2008). To understand the inverse relationship between the two, let us consider the zero-coupon bonds which give no coupons but their value is determined by the difference in the value at the time of purchase to the time of maturity (Ken, 2008). As bonds provide a set interest over them, when the interest rates of the market increase from the set interest on the bond, the value of the bond has to be decreased to such an extent that the yield becomes equal to the market interest rate. For

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Application for MBA Program at LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL Essay

Application for MBA Program at LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL - Essay Example n to learn leadership and management skills is the strategic decision-making process that was followed during the training session at my workplace in Power and Energy sector in India – Thermal and Hydro. At that time I was attached to a 2640MW Thermal power project where I took the lead on the acquisition of 2050 acres of land. My major role in this project was to obtain clearance of the project from every department under Central and the State Government, such as, Environment and Forest, Pollution, Civil Aviation, Defence. I had to make them understand the requirements of the project and also arrange finance in forma of debt or equity for the completion of the project. It enhanced my career goals and I got the opportunity to build strong leadership qualities. Along with my current experience, I participated in various trainings to shore up my communications, people development, business operations skills that enabled me to become a dynamic leader. I felt the need to broaden my horizon and understand various aspects of organizational culture, governance and the importance of globalization to stand out in the competitive business environment. My commerce degree and management exposure have secured a senior executive position in the organisation. Henceforth, a LBS EMBA program will prepare me to undertake more senior responsibilities (Director of Strategy & Innovation) by 2016. Being a leading Infrastructure company, Navayugahas made significant inroads into developing a strategic foray into Africa through multi modal projects that envisages bringing in South African coal to meet the needs of 14,000 MWs of coal fired projects that are coming up in the close proximity of the co-operated Krishnapatnam port. Being part of the business development team in recognising and now getting close to realising this opportunity, my organization is promoting talent development and opening opportunities for key resources to take the company to the next level. I believe I can

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Killing Kids Essay -- Biology Essays Research Papers

Killing Kids M is nine years old(1). At this young age she has already beaten and tortured a 4 year old girl to death. She presents with absolutely no remorse about the incident. Any regret that she does exhibit is due to the fact that she understands that she is expected to feel apologetic about the incident, not because she intuitively feels remorse. D is ten years old (1). He has already killed a four year old girl because she "was annoying" him. He slapped her so hard that she fell to the ground and consequently died. While in the hospital, he was observed holding another patient's head under the water even after he was told not to do so. S is 10 years old and refuses to go to school. Instead, he runs across the street to play video games with his friend. When he is not over at his friend's house he sets fires for "fun". In addition, he often asked to carry drugs for his father with whom he has intermittent contact. He has been arrested for shop lifting from a local grocery(1). Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris walked into school on April 21, 1999 and killed 23 other people before finally taking their own lives(2). All of these people exhibit symptoms of conduct disorder. Conduct disorder is an inability to follow rules and behave in a socially acceptable way. People with this disorder exhibit aggression towards people and animals, are destructive towards property, are deceitful and seriously violate rules set by authority figures(3). Moreover, there are usually problems in the home such as divorce, poverty, child abuse, neglect, or parents that carry their own psychiatric diagnoses. In addition, patients with the disorder often carry other diagnoses such as oppositional defiant disorder, mood disorders, anxiety, attentio... ...sorder , Part of the University of Virginia Institute of Law, Psychiatry, & Public Policy website. 8) Counseling Children with Conduct Disorder , Part of the Counseling Today website. 9) A Double-Blind Study of Risperidone in the Treatment of Conduct Disorder, Published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and found on the Find website. 10) How Youngest Killers Differ: Peer Support, On the New York Times website. 11) The Threaten, Seethe and Unhinge, Then Kill in Quantity , On the New York Times website.

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International Reporting Financial Standards Essay

International reporting financial standards are the guidelines that are used when preparing financial reports (Rutherford, 31). They are used by the international accounting standards board as an outline when preparing financial statements. These financial standards gives the accountants a guideline when they are preparing financial statements and this ensure that the accountants follow the right financial standards and prepare financial reports as per the required financial statements (Rutherford, 31). The international financial reporting standards ensure that information provided concerning the entity ensures that transparency is maintained when preparing financial statements (Schroeder, 20). It also ensures that people who are interested in investing in the business receive information that is more precise and reliable (Melville, 202). Financial reporting involves the preparation of financial information to users who include customers, banks, government, employees, investors and management who need this information to make informed economic decisions (Schroeder, 20). Before all these users make any decision concerning the organization they will need to review the financial reports of the organization to help them make decisions. The organization which is the reporting entity usually prepares financial statements which include the balance sheet, statement of retained earnings, profit and loss account and cash flow statement (Melville, 202). These financial statements help users of information to be able to understand how the management uses the entity’s resources to achieve the set goals and objectives. It also helps users to know the financial position of the business and the cash flow of the entity (Schroeder, 20). Investors in the entity need the financial reports enable them know the returns of their investment in the organization. Information provided in the financial statements helps them to know when to buy or sell their investment. It also helps them to know when to hold and also provide information which helps to determine whether the entity would be able to pay dividends at the right time (Rutherford, 31). Information in financial statements helps lenders to determine whether it should lend to the entity or not. It gives lender information to determine whether the entity would be able to pay loans (Rutherford, 31). Employees also use the information to determine if their employer would be able to pay them in time and if the employer would b e able to provide them with retirement benefits. The government needs the financial reports to determine whether an entity is able to pay taxes and also for the purpose of resource allocation. Customers are also users of the information and they use this information to know the stability and continuity of the entity. Objectives of financial reporting The general-purpose of financial reporting is to give users of financial statements the most useful information as possible at the least cost to enable them to make informed economic decisions (Melville, 202). On the other hand, users of this accounting information need to cover a rational understanding of business as well as financial accounting procedures to understand financial statements well. Internationally, as planned at distinctively in the present conceptual framework through the IASB, there are two key goals of financial reporting (Rutherford, 31). The main goal of financial reporting is to enable the management to provide information to the owner or shareholder of the business to show how they have used the entity’s resources to achieve the set goals and objectives in the organization (Rutherford, 31). Since the shareholders have given the management powers to use resources of the business, the management therefore has the responsibility to report to the shareholder concerning the performance of the business. The information that is provided through financial reporting also helps to give information about the financial performance and situation of the business. This is help when it comes to the creation of economic resolutions. Management should ensure that they maximize the shareholders’ wealth and this should be reflected in the financial statements (Melville, 202). Underlying assumption of international financial reporting standard Accrual Basis Financial reports that are prepared by an entity are prepared on the basis of accrual so as to meet the objectives of an entity (Melville, 202). This means that transactions are recognized when they occur and not when cash is received. This assumption helps to provide information about past events that are useful for decision making by the users of the information. Going concern assumption This assumption assumes that the business would be in operation for the foreseeable future and that the entity has no intentions to close the business in the near future (Michael et al, 2003). The qualitative characteristics of financial reporting These are qualities that make financial reporting useful to user of financial information when making economic decisions. The main qualitative characteristics of financial information include understability of the information, relevancy of information, reliability of information and comparability (Bromwich et al, 2006). The quality of understability requires that financial statements must be prepared in a manner that can be easily understood by users (Michael et al, 2003). However, users are required to have at least basics knowledge about business, accounting and economic activities. Users should also be willing to study carefully the information provided. All information that is relevant should be included the financial reports even if there is some information that may be difficult for some users to understand (Bromwich et al, 2006). Relevance requires that all information that is relevant for decision making be included in financial reporting (Michael et al, 2003). Relevance is when information include in the financial reports affects the economic decision made by the users of the financial statements. Information can only be useful to users if it is relevant. Relevant information helps users to make economic decisions since it gives them opportunity to assess the past, present and future actions. Information that has no effect on the decisions made by the users is irrelevant and therefore should not be included in financial reporting (Michael et al, 2003). The relevance of certain information in financial reporting may be affected by its materiality. Information that is material affects decision making in that its omission can mislead users to make wrong decisions. Relevant information must have a predictive value and confirmatory value meaning that for information to help capital providers for instance investors to make predictive decisions about the future information should be valuable and information is able to change the past or present depending on previous evaluations (Bromwich et al, 2006). Reliability of information is important for financial reporting. For financial information to be useful for decision making it must be reliable (Rutherford, 31). Information that is free from any material error and biasness is reliable and therefore useful for decision making by users. International financial reporting standards require that information be represented in a faithful way for such information to be reliable. Comparability of information is important in financial reporting as it helps users to compare information for different financial years and for different reports from different entities (Bromwich et al, 2006). By comparing financial reports for different periods helps to compare the performance of the entity for the different periods. Information should also be represented in their real value for financial information to be reliable. The constraints on relevant and reliable information Timeliness of information Some information if delayed to report may be come irrelevant. For relevant information to be reported in time it will mean that some aspect of information need to be included and this may weaken the relevance of information (Michael et al, 2003). Before all relevant information is reported, the cost of reporting must be considered alongside with the benefits that the entity will gain. Relevant information should give more benefits than the cost incurred when reporting (Bromwich et al, 2006).

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Arsenic And Old Lace By Joseph Kasselring - 815 Words

Name of the play: Arsenic and old lace Playwright: Joseph Kasselring Year play was published: 1940 Description of setting: The play â€Å"Arsenic and old Lace† takes place in the Brewster household, Brooklyn 1940’s Theme: The theme in â€Å"Arsenic and old lace† is mental illness and murder. Mortimer’s aunts are mentally ill and enjoy to commit murder on old lonely men. Plot: Mortimer has 2 aunts, Martha and Abby Brewster, and they both live in an old house in Brooklyn with their nephew Teddy Brewster. Martha and Abby are adored in their neighborhood for their caring character. When Mortimer visits his favorite aunts to tell them the great news about just being newly married to his fiancà © Harper. Back then it was presumed that if one of your†¦show more content†¦climax  · Mortimer finds a dead body. They then try to dispose of it. falling action  · Lt. Rooney was called because they found a dead body. Lt. Rooney recognizes Johnathan as a convict and sent him to happy dale, along with teddy who is clinically insane. Characters: Mortimer Brewster- The play’s protagonist. He is the nephew of Martha and Abby Brewster and brother to teddy and Johnathan Brewster. Martha Brewster- Martha Brewster is the sister Abby Brewster who are murderous sisters and are the aunts to Teddy, Mortimer, and Johnathan. Abby Brewster - Abby Brewster is the sister of Martha Brewster, they are the dynamic homicidal duo. She lives with her sister in Brooklyn. Teddy Brewster- The nephew of Martha and Abby and the brother of Johnathan and Mortimer. He is certified insane and thinks he’s Theodore Roosevelt. He lives with his two aunts. Johnathan Brewster- He is the brother of Teddy and Mortimer and is the nephew to Martha and Abby. He is an escaped fugitive who has homicidal tendencies. Lt. Rooney- The Lt. that came to the house after the police called him. He arrested Johnathan, and Teddy and takes away the aunts to Happy Dale. Elaine Harper- The fiancà © to Mortimer. Dr. Einstein- The doctor that is an accomplice to Johnathan’s countless murders, who also changed Johnathan’s face surgically. Officer O’Hara- The policeman that called Lt. Rooney to the Brewster house. Mr. Spelanzo- A victim of the